Prefabricated Geodesic Dome Kit List

Prefabricated Geodesic Dome made out of paper

Prefabricated geodesic dome kit s are pretty impressive and very convenient. They take much less time to build, which you can do yourself since they’re coming pre-cut according to your dome design. They are super-energy efficient, environmentally green, and ridiculously affordable.

You can go nuts with the endless design possibilities, different sizes and configurations. There are many geodesic dome enthusiasts putting together multiple domes. They are not only for living purposes, but also for garages, workshops, greenhouses and so much mere. I’ve seen an all glass dome covered pool attached to the main dome that looked smashing.

So, if you are one of the skeptics about living in a geodesic dome, I highly suggest that you do a little more research. I assure you that you are missing out on something magnificent.

My Very First Dome Design Made Out Of Paper


On that note, I am challenging you to take a chance on one of the “Dome Tours” organized by Natural Spaces Domes In Minnesota.

You will have an opportunity to visit several geodesic dome homes, talk to the owners, ask questions, and learn about the cons and pros they faced during planning, production, and construction.

In addition to the dome tour, go to “Dome School”, where you can learn to build and put together your prefabricated geodesic dome kit, if you are up to it, or just have fun watching your classmates struggle.

You can talk with Dennis, the company’s owner and mastermind, a walking cyclopedia, and a wealth of information on prefabricated geodesic dome kit s.

These are rare opportunities you won’t want to miss. Your dream home concept has a whole new meaning by the end of the dome tour and dome school.

Our Prefabricated Geodesic Dome Kit Specifications

If you have ever wondered what makes up and holds a geodesic dome together, I will give you my side of an explanation of what I have learned so far while building our dome home for the second time.

MODEL 1900






  • The main floor without extensions is 1900 SF. Extensions are the openings for a covered patio, entry or doorways, and a covered lanai.
  • The entire structure with extensions, lanai, loft, and carport is about 3,880 SF
  • The roof surface is 2920 SF minus skylights and door openings. However, you have to multiply the roof surface as many times as you will cover it with different materials.

Kitchen with oversized and curved island, built-in induction cooktop, and a 10 feet range hood above.

For example:

  • Plywood triangles,
  • Watershield / moisture barrier membrane,
  • Roofing material, in our case, is Malarky Legacy Shingles,
  • Interior triangle T&G Spruce panels,
  • Insulation: if you live in an area that can get extremely cold or very hot. 
  • The height of the dome with riser walls in the center is 21’-10.”
  • The height of the first row triangles is 6’-8.”
  • The height of the riser wall is 3’-9.”
  • Extensions or door openings are 10’-5” (I love that)
  • The total volume with riser walls is 24,331 Cu.Ft.
  • Ultra-Lok wind load 200+ mph
  • Snow load 150+ psf
  • Earthquake category “E.
  • Geodesic domes can withstand cumbersome loads such as snow, hurricane-strength winds, and earthquakes.

Making some changes to the design. Adding more skylights and windows, we missed the first time.

Included In a Prefabricated Geodesic Dome Kit

The soul of our dome is the super-lok connection hardware with pins and the epoxy coated steel sleeves that are already attached to the 2′′x8′′ struts.

Risers 2′′x8′′ non-super-wall non-vented are pre-assembled, and some of them are with a window opening; they are color-coded and numbered. Also, there are components for the risers that need assembly on-site.

172 non-super wall 2′′x8′′ struts that are color-coded for easy assembly.

Prefabricated Geodesic Dome Kit
Prefabricated Geodesic Dome Kit

Interior spruce triangle panels are unfinished, pre-assembled as one-piece interior triangle panels.

Prefabricated Geodesic Dome Kit

Pre-cut, color-coded, exterior plywood triangle panels with some of the panel bases tongue up and some bases- groove up.

20 Single pane, 1/4′′ tempered glass, triangle skylights with charcoal grey flashings. Four of these skylights are tinted, and six of them facing south are dark grey tinted.

Laminated Velux skylights: 5 solar powered and 2 manual.

  • Also, there are components for the risers that need assembly on-site. Braces for exterior triangle panels marked as upper panel support. Skylight trims minimum 12′′ long T&G spruce for triangle skylight finishing. Pine batten strips for interior triangle panel finishing.
  • Wood hub caps 5.”
  • Grace Ice and water membrane HT 40 mil thick.
  • Metal flashing components, charcoal grey dome base drip edge.
  • Nails for riser walls, dome shell, interior panels, and arches.

  • Dome shell components for support struts between patio doors and extension openings. Construction manual.

  • A color drawing showing dome shell struts with dome openings and the location of skylights. Many useful miscellaneous tools are packed into large numbered plastic bins, such as hammers, framing squares, humidity monitors, extra sleeves, ultra-lok connectors, bolts, nuts, spade bits for drilling holes, and much more.
  • Roofing material – Storm grey Malarky Legacy shingles with starter strips and with hip and ridge strips Hold-down connection system.

This list might not be one hundred percent complete, but you get an idea of what’s included in the prefabricated geodesic dome kit and what it takes to build one.

By Stella

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