Installing T&G Triangle Panels on The Dome

installing T&G triangle panels inside of geodesic dome

We passed framing inspection and as soon as the inspector left, started installing the T&G triangle panels inside. It took the two of us a little over two weeks to put them up. Even though this was our second dome, we never installed these triangles before, the builders did.

The best part about these panels is that they come precut, numbered, and color-coded, as you can see. We followed the diagram and matched the numbers and colors to the 2×8 framings. You can say it’s almost dummy-proof.

precut T&G Triangle Panels
numbered T&G Triangle Panels

Some of the panels are taller than me, they are pretty heavy and clumsy. Therefore, we ended up taking the larger ones a part, so we can lift them up to the scaffolding much easier.

We choose the 1′′ x 8′′ tongue & groove, kiln dried, premium selected, Engleman Spruce wood finish for the interior triangles. We love the look and the low maintenance part; they’re easier and faster to install, even for DIYers like us, and they are much less expensive than the sheetrock panels.

Also, spruce is a very light wood and will not turn yellow and get very dark with age as pine would. So that’s a plus.

Some dome owners use a “low or no VOC” water-based wood sealer that will darken the wood panels somewhat. We decided not to put any sealer or stain on our panels. They are non-toxic and really maintenance-free.

Installing T&G Triangle Panels
Installing T&G Triangle Panels

Since pictures don’t really give you back that realistic appearance of the different types of paneling, you should sign up for a “Dome Tour” with

You can visit several domes and see for yourself the type of panels you’d like. There are several dome owners used white plywood panels or sheetrock boards for interior triangles. We didn’t care for those designs.


How We Installed The T&G Triangle Panels In Our Geodesic Dome

Our dome stands tall, and roofing is done; all windows and skylights are in, ready to do the inside work, such as framing, plumbing, and electric wiring. Sure, but before you start doing that, you have to put up those triangle panels that meet the divider walls.


As you can see in these pictures, there are two triangles installed behind the framing. What you do not see (and it is my shortcoming; I should have taken photos of that as well) is that behind the triangles where the framing is attached, the crew installed a few 2×4 to make the connection stronger, so the framing is not only attached to the triangle panels. Otherwise, it would create a very weak wall structure.


Plumbing and wiring is done the same way as in the conventional home building.

Keep Installing Those T&G Triangle Panels

Even though all the T&G triangles are cut to sizes, we had about four panels that were too big. It’s not a big deal, especially when building the same dome for the second time; we just measured and cut them to fit.

cutting and Installing T&G Triangle Panels
By Stella

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